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At Reliable Lab we offer comprehensive, low-cost drug testing options. We deliver the certainty of science, the dependability of proven processes and the assurance of legally defensible results.

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Comprehensive & Proven low-cost
drug testing solution

Reliable Lab specializes in the laboratory analysis of urine for substance abuse. Reliable Lab utilizes skilled staff and the latest technology to provide accurate and timely laboratory testing services.

Our goal is to create a more provider-friendly testing service that prides itself on delivering prompt, accurate, reliable and easy to understand results. Employing state of the art technology and testing for a wide array of analytes, our team of clinical technologists is able to keep ahead of the needs of our community.

We understand the current pain practice dynamics and anticipate future practice trends. This allows us to provide quick, accurate, and cost-effective drug testing while enhancing patients’ prescription adherence and overall patient care.

Our Services

Drug Testing - Carrollton, TX

Drug Testing

Reliable Lab provides sophisticated analysis of prescribed drugs, illicit drugs, and contaminants for physicians and hospitals with a personalized and consultative approach. We offer a two step screenng process:preliminary and confirmation.

Medical Assistant Program - Carrollton, TX

Medical Assistant Program

Reliable Lab offers a program to employ a collector in your office part-time or full-time to assist in the collection process and duties associated with therapeutic drug monitoring.

Rapid Lab Courier Service - Carrollton, TX

Courier Service

Reliable Lab offers at no cost to the office, a re-occurring courier pickup via UPS. All shipments will be over-nighted to our lab for quick processing and reporting.

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